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Armena “Chef Arm” Jehanian built a career in the world of Fortune 500 design before choosing to “start from scratch” and pursue the love for baking she’d developed at an early age.  Shortly after graduating from the Los Angeles’ New School of Cooking, her Lemon Cloud Cupcake received rave reviews from Iron Chef Michael Symon on ABC’s, The Chew. She’s also mentored and coached a Chopped Jr. Champion. Chef Arm’s From Scratch Bake Sessions offer a hands-on approach that makes learning to bake entertaining, inspiring, and most importantly, yummy! Beyond taking the mystery out of making delicious French pastries like cream puffs or macarons, kids who enroll in Chef Arm’s From Scratch Bake Sessions learn kitchen safety, build math and science skills, improve their overall concentration, and discover the history behind what they’re making as well.


Mix up a love for baking—for boys and girls—that will last a lifetime! Chef Arm’s From Scratch Bake Sessions teach baking techniques from basic to advanced. Beyond reviewing the basic history and fun science of baking, kids will practice proper safety, preparation, and professional kitchen etiquette while having a blast whipping up delicious desserts.


"Last summer, I asked Chef Armena to help my daughter, Sophie, learn the basics of baking. Sophie loved cooking, but she didn't understand the science and techniques behind making breads, pastries, or desserts and lacked confidence. Armena started by thoughtfully putting together a proposed syllabus for their six bake sessions, and asked for our input and feedback. Once we got started, Sophie enjoyed the class so much she couldn't wait for the following week's session. It was an incredibly rewarding experience for Sophie, and Armena quickly grew to be a role model and mentor for her. Fast forward six months, and Sophie is now a Chopped Junior Champion! She would never have won without the fabulous teachings of Chef Armena."

–Evelyn M.

Parent of Sophie, Age 13