What an amazing experience! Baking and science are Talar's passions. Classes with Chef Arm satisfy her passion and she continues to want more.  Armena's patience and attention to details is priceless.  She is amazing! 

–Sylva K. 

Parent of Talar, Age 7

It is the best class I have been to! I can’t wait for our next class. I love that we get to pick what we want to bake! Chef Armena is the best baker!!

–Talar K. 

Age 7

My 3 boys had a great experience making pretzels with Chef Arm.  She was very organized and able to handle all the boys. Chef Arm kept them engaged and gave each of them tasks that were appropriate for their ages and interests. They had fun while learning about measurements and ingredients. As a parent, what stood out the most for me was how prepared Chef Arm was. That made a world of difference on how successful the experience was and how much fun the boys were able to have. We are looking forward to signing up for another class soon. Thanks Chef Arm! You're the Best!

–Olga J.

Parent of 3 boys. Ages 10, 9 and 8

Last summer, I asked Chef Arm to help my daughter, Sophie, learn the basics of baking. Sophie loved cooking, but she didn't understand the science and techniques behind making breads, pastries, or desserts and lacked confidence. Armena started by thoughtfully putting together a proposed syllabus for their six bake sessions, and asked for our input and feedback. Once we got started, Sophie enjoyed the class so much she couldn't wait for the following week's session. It was an incredibly rewarding experience for Sophie, and Armena quickly grew to be a role model and mentor for her. Fast forward six months, and Sophie is now a Chopped Junior Champion! She would never have won without the fabulous coaching from Chef Arm.

–Evelyn M. 

Parent of Sophie, Age 13


Chef Arm was an amazing teacher and is a great friend. She has taught me all about baking different cookies, cupcakes, and even ice cream. She also taught me how to follow a recipe and how to be organized along the way. It was always so much fun baking and learning from Armena! I could not have won the cooking show Chopped Junior without her. Thanks so much, Armena!

–Sophie V

Age 13


My daughter took Armena's class to fulfill a 6th grade math assignment. When she struggling with adding fractions in order to double a frosting recipe, Chef Armena took the time to break down the math problem using visuals so that my daughter could understand in a different way from how she has been taught in the classroom. It was the first time my daughter actually had fun doing math homework!

–Michelle R. 

Parent of Sofia, Age 12