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AT South Bay LA Learning Center: 727 W. Carson St., Torrance, CA 90502 MORNING SESSION 9:30AM - 12:30PM AFTERNOON SESSION 2:00PM - 5:00PM DATES SUBJECT TO CHANGE BASED ON AVAILABILITY
COOK+STORY (AGES 3-5) Friday @10am
AT South Bay LA Learning Center: 727 W. Carson St., Torrance, CA 90502 DATES SUBJECT TO CHANGE BASED ON AVAILABILITY
AT South Bay LA Learning Center: 727 W. Carson St., Torrance, CA 90502 DATES SUBJECT TO CHANGE BASED ON AVAILABILITY
COOK+BAKE (AGES 16-Adult) FRIDAY @ 11:30am
AT South Bay LA Learning Center: 727 W. Carson St., Torrance, CA 90502
COOK+STORY (AGES 3-5) $120 For four, 50 minute classes COOK+BAKE (AGES 6-15) $380 For four, 3 hour or eight 1.5 classes COOK+BAKE (AGES 16-Adult) $380 For four, 3 hour classes COOK+BAKE CAMPS (AGES 6+) $285 For three, 3 hour classes If paying through PayPal and sending money by "paying for an item or service," ADD AN ADDITIONAL $4.50 per student for COOK+STORY $12.00 per student for COOK+BAKE (6+) $9.00 per student for COOK+BAKE CAMPS and If sending as "a friend" no additional fee necessary.
Participation/Liability Waiver *
Please read, check "I agree" to each statement below ACTIVITY DESCRIPTION: Kids Culinary Classes and Camps Classes and camps are designed for kids ages 3-5 or 6+, and are taught from a science, math and creativity perspective. While executing recipes in groups, students practice various cooking techniques and learn about ingredients. These fun and empowering culinary sessions are geared to build confidence, develop skills in following instructions and concentration. I give my child permission to participate in this activity, and recognize that this activity could present potential cooking hazards, including but not limited to: cuts, burns, slips, falls, allergic reactions, and other injuries as a result of activities, products, and equipment used or food brought in by those other than instructor. I release the instructor, Armena Jehanian, its agents, representatives, employees, volunteers, and any sponsors from any and all damages, causes of action, claims, and liability that might arise from my child’s participation in this activity. Note: Even though we don’t cook with nuts, the kitchen is not a certified nut free environment.
Cancellation Policy: *
We know plans change, and things happen so whenever possible we try to be flexible. PLASE READ AND UNDERSTAND OUT CANCELLATION POLICY: • I agree to submit request to my charter for funds or pay in full with cash as soon as I register. • After payment, we cannot guaranteed changes can be made after--every effort will be made to accommodate, space permitting and up until 7 days prior to the original session • Refunds will not be given, nor fees prorated due to student illness or absence during session. • Those using home school funds, must show proof of fund request to your charter upon registering or as soon as funds drops, whichever comes first.
Food Allergy/Dietary Restriction Waiver *
I have informed the instructor of any and all food allergies and/or dietary restrictions for my child(ren) and understand that Armena Jehanian and From Scratch Bakers cannot be responsible for reactions to any outside food/snacks brought in by other students.
Media Release (Optional) *
I consent to and allow any use and reproduction by From Scratch Bakers/Chef Arm/Armena Jehanian of any and all photographs or videotapes taken of my child(ren) during their participation in this activity. I understand that From Scratch Bakers/Armena Jehanian will own the photographs and videotape and the right to use or reproduce such photographs and videotape in any media, as well as the right to edit them or prepare derivative works, for the purposes of promotion, advertising, and public relations. I hereby consent to this use of my child’s name, likeness, or voice, and I agree that such use will not result in any liability for payment to any person or organization, including myself.